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2. Two Part Deux

These photos are from baby Spy’s second birthday. Click here to see her party!





Now for 300-1000 words to go with these pictures. Under normal circumstances I would post pictures only and write captions under them such as “Weeeee!” and “Eeeeee” and “oooooOO!” and call it good. But now that I’ve publicly declared I would write 100 essays in 100 days, I don’t think I can get 300-1000 words in captions!


Weeeee! (that’s three)

It is time to present a looser definition of “essay” and come up with loopholes a list of things on reserve that have large number of words: camp songs, recipes with 35+ ingredients, movie quotes, the Declaration of Independence, etc. But do quote blocks and such examples count towards the word count, officially? And what about copy and pasting from “reserves” of random things I have written in the past? For example, I found this:

Spy Garden Website Plan:

Going Live on January 31, 2013. Need at least seven postings by then (so when it goes live there are more than just one or two posts). The ABOUT page will have a picture of the garden and description.  Names and precise location off so it is comme “xoxo, Gossip Girl”. It is a mystery identity. The identity is just Spy Garden: a garden in Missouri. The lack of personal details will distinguish Spy Garden seeing as most other blogs don’t leave much to the imagination (i.e. “I got some Kleenex at Walgreens this morning and…” ). The unwritten mission is “The World’s Best Site to Learn How to Do Everything Related to Kids and Gardening”. I won’t actually write that on the site because people will quickly figure that out.

Hahahahahaha. It goes on:

For the first seven postings:

1.            Zen garden deal: need to add travel/desk versions and maybe talk about terrariums in one of those big apothecary lidded jars, and starting seeds indoors

2.            Overwintering artichokes (because I’m doing that now)

3.            Do a one-point perspective lesson (for a kid or for anyone) and a two-point perspective lesson

4.            How much Spy Garden is like the gardening version of Robert Smithson and how to  “get” art

5.            Poems that rhyme: how to write a sonnet and why you would want to

6.            Salads

7.            Quinoa:  how to cook it featuring Quinoa Nuggets

It is a gardening blog for kids, so rated PG content only.

After reading this mission statement seven months in to writing my blog I am pleased that I have mostly adhered to these rules. Though at times the rated PG content has been tested:



But I know where to draw the line

But I know where to draw the line

The only point I haven’t fully developed is the “How-To”. I find writing instructions tedious. Reading them can be helpful, but writing them is quite boring. So mostly instead of “How to build a garden teepee” or “How to build an Obelisk” I’ve just posted pictures of my projects with some vague instructions. If I could flesh out the how-to steps of our projects I could get the word count up but it just doesn’t meet my “essay” criteria. So there are loopholes, yes, but not at the expense of being dull. Plus, pictures count for a thousand words, right?

Neologism of the Day: A Glarden: A Glog about a garden! http://www.spygarden.wordpress.com