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Wintery Waters

Floating on the surfboard and paddling around in the Atlantic in the middle of winter, as one does in Maine. Especially when so glassy and calm. Not cold at all with the proper gear. (Air temp was about 25 and water somewhere between 35-40 in the above/below pictures). So peaceful, quiet and very refreshing.

Beach by night.

Moon picture by my sister

Dexie Close-Up

Using an old phone to make informational videos about her plants. Mostly houseplants but also have started some herbs and greens.


You can’t really tell from these photos but this particular evening was VERY windy and the waves were choppy and huge.

This dog is ready to teach a yoga class. Hahha (Berenese Mountain dog; aren’t they the coolest? He looked like a bear!)

Above is the remnant of the famous ice disk!

From Wikipedia:

Ice discs form on the outer bends in a river where the accelerating water creates a force called ‘rotational shear’, which breaks off a chunk of ice and twists it around.[9] As the disc rotates, it grinds against surrounding ice — smoothing into a circle.[10] A relatively uncommon phenomenon, one of the earliest recordings is of a slowly revolving disc spotted on the Mianus River and reported in an 1895 edition of Scientific American.[11][12]

For the record I prefer the disk spelling to disc in the context of rotating ice circles. haha

Even though the Westbrook ice disk is on its way out, ice disks seem to be quite popular in Maine this winter…

One spotted in Baxter State Park:

Ice ice baby! Another ice disc found…A spokesperson for Baxter State Park says a Maine ranger saw another ice disc in the Nesowadnehunk Stream Thursday. (Source) 

(Source of Image)

Nesowdnehunk (pronounced NAH- sod- naw- hunk) Stream flows into the Penobscot river just below Nesowdnehunk falls; an area we frequented in our raft guiding days. We would swim across the Penobscot river to where the stream entered; it is a great spot.

Another ice disk (at another familiar Millinocket location!):

The ice near Abol was within 50 yards of the bridge, spinning counter-clockwise very slowly.

Finally, a fourth? (I’m losing track haha) ice disk was noticed by a resident of Guilford sent who sent in a video of a small (~7′ diameter) one with…

…two names, she called it the “spinnah mini,” or ” “rivah spinner.”


Wicked nice winter up heeeyah.

A highlight is a very happy January birthday…

The two layers are actually homemade vanilla ice cream!  The yellow color is from the egg yolks. We have been experimenting with our new ice cream maker and have come up with some excellent recipes that are very low to no sugar. I love making cakes but am not crazy about using sugar/flour/simple carbohydrates so this was a great solution! I did use powdered sugar to make it look like snow on top of the cake…

…but also debated letting it sit outside and let it literally get snowed on… haha). The cake topper (and a few other icicles) are pieces of ice I made in the freezer (a great alternative to solid hunks of sugar!).

Ice disks for party favors (naturally).

One year old!

He got cross country skiis for his birthday! Woohoo!

Whale-y Wonderful Mid-September 2018

The water is still very warm (~62); warm by Maine standards anyways. So plenty more swimming in our future. Especially with the wetsuits!

Now that the tourists are gone the beach has become a dog paradise.

These Irish wolfhounds are so cool!


One Saturday we arrived to the beach and it was foggy… and I got in the water and was swimming around in the waves looking at the horizon…and SAW A HUMPBACK WHALE FULLY BREACH.


My reaction was quite enthusiastic. Since I don’t have a photo to document my reaction I decided to try my hand at photorealism and draw the moment.

You’ll notice I’m making the international signal for “Wowowow I just saw a whale fully leap out of the water.” I ran to Smoochie breathlessly shouting whilst making these very grand gestures (my son said “you looked like you had just won the Olympics” haha). I also inadvertently got the attention of every person at the beach and everyone was scanning the sea.

Wait for it…

Thar she blows

The fog cleared and we spotted the whales a dozen more times that day!

It wasn’t until editing these pictures that we realized the whales also had babies with them!!
See the baby flukes on the left of the above picture?

And it is blurry but in the above picture to the left of the adult is a little baby whale tail! It was awesome. My daughter and I were taking a walk, looked out and got to see their tails with the cool white markings come up about 4 times. She said “Their tails are humongous!” We also saw them making big puffs of mist with their blowholes.

Boogie boarding

He slept through most of the excitement haha

Whale-y good nap

Beach a la Rothko

Some other scenic pictures looking very painterly:

The kids set up their own scenic photo shoot in our yard:

Haha! Pretty good, right? These are our favorite type of toy; they are Schleich brand and we enjoy collecting them (great gift idea for kids of all ages). The kids play with them but I also borrow them to display at times (see moose in cabinet below).

Baby admiring the curiosities

Don’t touch!

Enjoyed meeting this beautiful parrot (and even got a pile of awesome feathers to take home!!)

Blueberry sharks

Love this rockstar bird drawing!

Very 70s

Football season is in full swing and the Trojans have two more wins under their belts. #33 <3

Football fan/cheerleader in training

Little football fan

She also enjoys playing with this ADORABLE puppy at the games:

Season’s Greetings!

SInce the thanksgiving animal photoshoot pics turned out so cute I tried for another photoshoot with all the animals! This time aiming to get Smoochie and I in the shot too!

Smoochie said my expectations for such a shot were “ridiculous”, but he played along; ha! Even though technically we didn’t get everyone in one shot, I’m holding my ground that there is no such thing as “realistic” when it comes to expectations. Especially at Christmastime!! Haha

Stay right here!


Chicken in the wind

I can never have enough bunny photos!

Close but where’s Dexie?!?! (and the Spy had just about had enough photos at this point!)

Dexie has the elfish eyes down in the above shot; ha!

And that’s a wrap!

I used some of the photos for a Christmas card and it turned out great. I had never done one of those family photo Christmas cards before (usually we make our own or put a picture in some regular cards) and I was impressed with the ease of the process. I used Walgreens and they were ready for pick up in less than 12 hours! Not sure why I’ve never done this before (probably because I’m always trying to be a rebel and not do “what everyone else is doing” ha!) but this exception was definitely worth it!

In other holiday happenings…

We recently visited the St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park (for a birthday party).

The St. Louis Carousel is an original 1920s carousel from the Dentzel Co. of Philadelphia. The carousel was installed at the St. Louis Highlands Amusement Park in 1929. After a fire in 1963 destroyed the park, the carousel was moved to Sylvan Springs Park and operated there until 1979. The St. Louis County Historic Buildings commission and the Faust Park Foundation raised funds to restore the Carousel, bringing it to Faust Park.

The St. Louis Carousel, with its 60 hand carved horses and four deer, is located within a climate-controlled building inside beautiful Faust Park in West St. Louis County. A not for profit corporation, the Faust Cultural Heritage Foundation, was formed to raise funds and other forms of support for the Carousel’s continual maintenance and restoration. (source)

Because it is indoors, the lighting is not the best. I was hoping for more amazing festive shots of the 90+ year old structure but indoor lighting is tricky.

Real antlers on the carousel bucks!

She came prepared haha

A (very rare) coordinated outfit layed out by Zilla

New beret; freshly crocheted!

We soaked up plenty of the mild weather at the beginning of December (its finally cold now).

December Sunrise

We have been making lots of snowflakes

The baby helping me to study for an exam!

Hmmm I already see a lot of toys; Santa will need to get creative!

Getting cozy in here!