Art and Absurdity


ROA at Raintree

The St. Louis Art Museum and Spy Garden Objets d’Art


Public Sculpture (The Awakening in Chesterfield, MO)

A Spy Garden Painting

Garden, Art

Spy Sketchbook

Art, and Gardening as Art

Zoo Retrospective

Selected Spy Garden Original Works:

02-22-2013 11;36;37AM2 (293x500)

DSC_5033 (480x1024) (234x500)03-07-2013 09;27;26PM (500x455)

mermaid (3) (216x500)

03-07-2013 09;35;06PM (500x316)

scan (2) (393x500)

hammerheads (370x500)

02-27-2013 11;10;48AM (436x500)03-07-2013 09;26;35PM (364x500)


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