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Magnesium (and Mola Mola) Monday!


Happy Monday! We were soooo excited to spot these mola molas (also called sunfish)! I remember looking at a picture of these in an Encyclopedia and being fascinated by their weirdness (and huge size; they can get 3000+ pounds!!!).

I hope you enjoy the info about Magnesium; it is #1 on my Top 10 List of Health tips!

#1 Magnesium

I trained under a doctor who tested nearly EVERY patient for magnesium deficiency. The test is really quite involved. The patient had to collect urine for 24 hours, then we administer a couple of injections of magnesium, then collected another 24 hours of urine. After all of this collecting, we then calculated how much was soaked up; the higher the percentage of retained magnesium, the more deficient the person was. I was surprised that everyone was deficient – even those who ate healthy diets and appeared to be in good shape/health! With a little research, it is well known that magnesium intake has declined and deficiency is common, yet it is overlooked by most doctors! When you know how cumbersome the test is, though, the absence of monitoring magnesium levels starts to make sense.

Magnesium is simply NOT present in our food in sufficient quantities – even if you eat tons of veggies. The mineral content of soil has declined, which means our food alone is scarcely able to do the job. Even people who take magnesium supplements are sometimes still deficient and we have to get creative with saturating the body with this crucial mineral!

Another reason nearly everyone is deficient in magnesium is because of a thing called insulin resistance. The body has to work harder than ever to use all of that “processed” food that has become a part of the everyday diet. Envision sugar entering your body as if it is breaking into your system and busting open every door with nunchucks and firebombs. The doors and windows in this instance are your cell walls. Your cell walls are already working hard to keep things in balance without all of these forceful sugar attacks. This work the cells do requires extra magnesium, and even more than usual when eating sugar and simple carbohydrates. High stress states, including chronic/autoimmune illness, also deplete magnesium. Headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fatigue, muscle spasms, muscle aches/pain, fibromyalgia, hypertension, A-fib, arrhythmias, constipation/IBS/other GI issues, worsening blood glucose control:


These are ALL symptoms of MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY!



I have had HUNDREDS of patients tell me that magnesium supplementation has improved their physical and mental health. Please encourage your health care providers to investigate the significance of magnesium at the cellular level and read the literature and research! I cannot say enough good things about this important mineral!

There is plenty of magnesium in the sea; maybe that’s why I love it so much?

Getting ready to teach Aerial class! I still have one more class to teach and then I am certified! Soooo much fun!!

Hanging out after a full hour of moving:

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