Late May 2019

 I spy a garden! So thrilled to have a little Maine garden started <3

Horse friends are the best!

We got Freya (our bunny) from this awesome woman (who until recently moving back to Maine was leading trips on horseback in the backcountry of Yellowstone!!) She is awesome! If you are in Maine and in need a Holland Lop or lionhead rabbit (and really who DOESN’T need a bunny?:) she is your GO TO (or just check out her site to swoon over baby bunny photos)!

Holland Heart Rabbitry

Uncle Ken visiting for the holiday weekend!

Aerial yoga; our new favorite!
Hope you all are having a nice holiday weekend!

Spring is in full swing here in southern Maine!

:) Evelyn

4 thoughts on “Late May 2019

  1. Eliza Waters

    Freya goes to the beach (!) and look at that wee one climb – oy, what a handful he must be. At least you have many eyes keeping a lookout for him!
    And baseball season is in full swing… how is the team doing?
    With this first really warm day of the season, I bet you are all at the beach – enjoy!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Team is doing well; he is just playing for the middle school team which is great (not tons of games or travel) 👍🏻 we did enjoy the beach on Memorial Day weekend! And so glad finally got a little garden going!!!


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