By Land and By Sea

Its baby Zoolander haha.

Mystery creature (probably a seal)

There are many, many blurry mystery creatures out there and I’m dreaming of those super extreme zoom lenses to see (and photograph) them in greater detail. Especially of course since we’ve seen whales out there! We have been able to identify some birds from a distance.

A horned grebe. Very proficient diver; watching it reminded me of a mini penguin. Their winter plumage is very different from their summer:

Horned Grebe (summer): Source of Image

She found a pearl!

On land, we have been enjoying the snow. Not pictured; downhill skiing at Shawnee Peak! The Spy has been having a great time with his school’s ski club.


And now it is time for…

What is Your Spirit Animal?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Xinhua/REX/Shutterstock (5540469i)
Golden monkeys at Dalongtan Golden monkeys Research Center in Shennongjia, central China’s Hubei Province
Dalongtan Golden monkeys Research Center, Shennongjia, China – 13 Jan 2016


7 thoughts on “By Land and By Sea

  1. Eliza Waters

    Gosh, that wee one is one cute monkey! ;) Love his dino-hat. How’s he doing on the skis?
    You’re fortunate to live by the sea – such a lovely place to explore year round. And with rewards… like pearls, how cool is that?

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      :) we can barely stand his cuteness haha :) and I think I may have landed on his blog name- baby Zoolander haha. he just tried the skiis out for the first time the other day. Doesn’t get it yet :). Yes the pearl was too cool!!! It is especially nice having the beach since the tide takes the snow out so you can always take a walk there. especially when spring (aka mud season) comes it will be great!


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