Happy Halloween 2018!

Bat costume inspired by the picture above. No pattern, no plan, just winged it (just how I like it!)

Made the pumpkin costume (in 2006 I believe!). Just touched it up a bit and upgraded it with a hat and mittens!

Dexie sporting a hand-me-down pumpkin costume made by my sister

Trick or treating

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2018!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Oh thank you!! Always good when you can come up with a comfortable (and warm) costume that can be worn without a jacket!) I will have to go see what you have been up to:) I have been crocheting lately and made the baby’s pumpkin stem hat and mittens (no pattern just sort of eyeballed it and added stitches here and there to make the ear flaps and stem). I finally learned a new stitch too! (Bobble stitch)…next stop trying out some patterns! But I do like figuring out shapes as you go, that is fun too! Thanks for visiting!

  1. Eliza Waters

    Great costumes! I love the wild bat – super creative. :) Baby is getting teeth and ‘Zilla is losing them – lol! I can see he is not too frightened by his batty sister with sharp teeth, hehe. Thanks for sharing the fun!


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