Quintessential Fall

Autumn in New England: the most fallish fall!

Lots of football games!

When music comes on he claps and nods his head; could this baby get any cuter?!


Radish fingertips (think icetruck killer from Dexter; ha!) Scary October!

The green squares are great white sharks picked up on satellite; scary scary! (from Sharktivity app!)

Stadium in Portland

Costumes in progress!


OOB with their fave uncle

I’ve been crocheting for 12+ years and finally learned a new stitch ha! Bobble stitch!

And the peak of the foliage is still to come! Fall is the best!!!

5 thoughts on “Quintessential Fall

  1. Eliza Waters

    Looks like #33 is killin’ it! Go, Trojans!
    ‘Zilla lost her front tooth and I expect our wee one is bringing them in. What a cutie he is (heck, they all are :) ).
    Happy fall to y’all, glad to see you are out enjoying it in between rain storms. I’ve never seen a summer with SO much rain! At least our reservoirs are full to the brim. ;)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Yes baby has 5 teeth now! Aghhh so cute! Happy fall to you. I didnโ€™t realize this was more rain than normal around here. I wonder if that is why the leaves are changing so late? We have many trees around here that are still completely green! I remember living in CT โ€œpeakโ€ was at the very beginning of October.

      1. Eliza Waters

        Yes, the fall color is later than usual. It takes cold nights and warm days to make that color and we really haven’t seen those conditions until recently. More weather weirding. :)

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