Monthly Archives: October 2018


Mouth of the Saco River

Can’t believe we live here!!!


Visiting a proper pumpkin patch…

A proper pumpkin patch


Aaaand apple picking!


Really delicious apples!

Gathering much information and inspiration for my Maine garden futures!

School garden

Lighthouse and disappearing horizon

Distraught Pumpkin

Well-Adjusted Pumpkin

The kids did the pumpkins all by themselves!!

A highly technical method

Costume progress

Waxing moon

Bonfire set up at the high school


Mushroom Face


Fall desk

Crocheted a new hat and the chin strap/hat is all one piece

Hanging at football practice is so fun. They play great music and there are walking trails.

And plenty of room for cartwheeling

Staying warm at the postseason football game!

Quintessential Fall

Autumn in New England: the most fallish fall!

Lots of football games!

When music comes on he claps and nods his head; could this baby get any cuter?!


Radish fingertips (think icetruck killer from Dexter; ha!) Scary October!

The green squares are great white sharks picked up on satellite; scary scary! (from Sharktivity app!)

Stadium in Portland

Costumes in progress!


OOB with their fave uncle

I’ve been crocheting for 12+ years and finally learned a new stitch ha! Bobble stitch!

And the peak of the foliage is still to come! Fall is the best!!!