5 thoughts on “Mid-April in Spy Garden 2018

  1. Eliza Waters

    Magnolias and asparagus – isn’t spring the best?
    Zilla’s art is developing nicely. Her piece in the show is very Eric-Carl-esque. :)
    Baby is growing fast – love the photo where he’s in the arm of Big Bro, with the popcorn. They have the same expression! How’s his baseball season going?
    Heartwarming post – Happy Spring!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Baseball season is off to a slow start; lots of rain outs and he was sick for a week but he should have some games in the next few weeks so that’s good. Thanks for the comments; is it feeling springy in CT?

      1. Eliza Waters

        Spring has been slow in arriving this year, but we had a nice warm spell for a few days that moved things along. Now it is raining, which will green things up nicely!

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