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Spy Garden is growing; even in the middle of winter!

“My mommy is in labor and I am really happy.”

The above is dated 1.17.18 shortly after finding out I was already 3cm dilated (36w). The next week 4cm, and the next week 5cm; still walking around, going to work, going about my business with tons of contractions.

Casual Saturday at home (lol to the velvet pants) 3 days before baby

After a week at 5cm at my next appointment I was 6cm (3 days before due date)! Baby was still ballottable so the doctor decided to break my water to avoid it breaking at home (some risks associated with that). We walked over to the hospital from the doctor’s office, she broke my water at 6:30. At 7:15 I decided on the epidural. I mean, I am still curious to know what it is like to have a baby with no epidural but it is just too much of a temptation when those contractions are coming hard and fast!! Got the epidural at 7:30 and was like “WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING?” So I pretty much thought epidurals work instantly but apparently this isn’t the case. By 8:30 still not working! I kinda wish I had a video, at least a few little clips, of all the dramatic breathing lol. It really is like the movies. But as long as you stay laser-focused on the breathing it is doable. So Smoochie had to stop cracking jokes by about 8PM. So by 8:30 I was 10cm and ready to push (and having a new perspective on what 10/10 pain is!) But my doctor was still on the way. The nurse asked if I just wanted the house doc to deliver the baby, his name was Dr. Bonebreak. HAHAhahah I honestly could’ve cared less who did the delivery but…I knew my doctor was already on the way. She is super nice and is also going to be my preceptor for my OB rotation in a few months. So I didn’t want to inconvenience her, I mean she was already on the way. It was important to me to maintain a professional relationship and get the experience of her style of care…#actualthoughtswhileinlabor #everythingrevolvesaroundschool #doctorateofnursinghyperfocus lol. By 8:45 epidural was working everywhere but like the bottom third of my stomach but I mean better than nothing! I could lie on my side and wait a few more minutes. 9:05 doctor arrives and I swear as she walked in it was the first contraction I couldn’t feel. Numbness achieved! 3 pushes and baby was delivered at 9:09PM!

Blue blood supermoon rising night of baby’s birth! (photo from Department of the Interior)

I attribute the speedy labor to yes, it being my third go-round but also because I took a lot of vitamin C and magnesium and other vitamins and stayed very active, dranks TONS of water (minimum 12 cups a day). I don’t think prenatal vitamins cut it so based on my clinical/education experience concocted my own combo. With the other two kids my blood pressure crept up towards my due date which I totally attribute to a magnesium deficiency. Blood pressure was wonderful this time.


1.30.18. 8lb 2.8oz, 20.5″, extremely adorable



Babyzilla made this picture for him

And today, he is ready for the superbowl!


I made the hat a few weeks ago, didn’t realize how hilarious it would look. He’s a little football gremlin! Go Pats!!

So snuggly! In a lot of ways it feels like this is my first baby, it has been so long (6+ years) and man, newborns! Who knew sneezes and stretches could be so mesmerizing!!! Sooooooo cute and snuggly!! Baby-heaven!!!