Season’s Greetings!

SInce the thanksgiving animal photoshoot pics turned out so cute I tried for another photoshoot with all the animals! This time aiming to get Smoochie and I in the shot too!

Smoochie said my expectations for such a shot were “ridiculous”, but he played along; ha! Even though technically we didn’t get everyone in one shot, I’m holding my ground that there is no such thing as “realistic” when it comes to expectations. Especially at Christmastime!! Haha

Stay right here!


Chicken in the wind

I can never have enough bunny photos!

Close but where’s Dexie?!?! (and the Spy had just about had enough photos at this point!)

Dexie has the elfish eyes down in the above shot; ha!

And that’s a wrap!

I used some of the photos for a Christmas card and it turned out great. I had never done one of those family photo Christmas cards before (usually we make our own or put a picture in some regular cards) and I was impressed with the ease of the process. I used Walgreens and they were ready for pick up in less than 12 hours! Not sure why I’ve never done this before (probably because I’m always trying to be a rebel and not do “what everyone else is doing” ha!) but this exception was definitely worth it!

In other holiday happenings…

We recently visited the St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park (for a birthday party).

The St. Louis Carousel is an original 1920s carousel from the Dentzel Co. of Philadelphia. The carousel was installed at the St. Louis Highlands Amusement Park in 1929. After a fire in 1963 destroyed the park, the carousel was moved to Sylvan Springs Park and operated there until 1979. The St. Louis County Historic Buildings commission and the Faust Park Foundation raised funds to restore the Carousel, bringing it to Faust Park.

The St. Louis Carousel, with its 60 hand carved horses and four deer, is located within a climate-controlled building inside beautiful Faust Park in West St. Louis County. A not for profit corporation, the Faust Cultural Heritage Foundation, was formed to raise funds and other forms of support for the Carousel’s continual maintenance and restoration. (source)

Because it is indoors, the lighting is not the best. I was hoping for more amazing festive shots of the 90+ year old structure but indoor lighting is tricky.

Real antlers on the carousel bucks!

She came prepared haha

A (very rare) coordinated outfit layed out by Zilla

New beret; freshly crocheted!

We soaked up plenty of the mild weather at the beginning of December (its finally cold now).

December Sunrise

We have been making lots of snowflakes

The baby helping me to study for an exam!

Hmmm I already see a lot of toys; Santa will need to get creative!

Getting cozy in here!


8 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings!

  1. Eliza Waters

    Baby on board! I’m excited for you and the family. With all you have to do, I’m impressed you got cards made and sent, too. They came out great. I just love that first shot of (BunBun?) in Zilla’s arms. The outtakes are hilarious. Boy, like father, like son, eh? ;) Spy is getting to the age where it isn’t cool to do this thing anymore. At least that was the way with my boys. Christmas shots from those years reflect their angst, lol.
    Zilla is growing up – another birthday! Her haircut makes her look older, too. (Sigh.) Glad there will be a new baby to dote upon. ;)
    Have a wonderful holiday season. Blessings!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Zilla was only attending a friends birthday party; she won’t be 7 until August (thankfully haha!) But yes they grow so fast I feel like having a baby will help it all slow down!! I can’t get enough of those bunny pictures! The tan bunny is Butkus (named after the football player Dick Butkus) and he loves (or tolerates) being held/snuggled like that and I think it is just the cutest! Blessings to you as well throughout this holiday season!!!

  2. narf7

    I am glad you chose the shots of The Spy not looking grumpy for your cards. He seems to be echoing the Christmas Grinch (and Smoochie isn’t far behind him in some of these photos ;) ) Lovely photos of Zilla as usual and coordinated? Good lord! The 2 weeks we have till Christmas will just fly by. Enjoy every minute Ms Spy and “Merry Christmas!” to you and yours :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Yes I love this time of year; everything feels so cozy! I was glad to crochet a hat; now onto some baby booties!! I liked your advice on your blog about keeping things simple at this time of year and am on board!! My major holiday plans include: napping, sipping hot beverages, snuggling on the couch, crocheting and cooking some healthy simple food. I get a little break from school (sort of) over the holidays which is also nice. Thank you for the comments and for visiting!! :) merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂

      1. narf7

        It’s the big school holidays (summer) here in Australia so parents get 6 weeks off. We Aussies might not get that lovely snow or traditional Christmas weather for hot Christmas food but we get to go on Christmas picnics to the beach etc. and have bbq’s so I guess that’s something ;). Kudos on the crochet by the way. I was most impressed :)

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