Fall Potpourri

Another very fall tomato

Halloween Chickens!

And the behind-the-scenes of the chicken photo shoot:

Radish eyeballs

Fibers show at my school’s art gallery

This was my favorite piece

In school news, I recently gained approval from my university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for my doctoral research project. It was a very rigorous process that involved fun steps such as writing a 45 page paper, completing a 37 page IRB application and making multiple revisions over several months; all of that while keeping up with regular coursework, clinical hours and my regular day job. Like I said, fun! My project is going to be very simple; seeing if the addition of exercise (walking 20 minutes, 5 times a week) helps to improve symptoms of depression. I will begin collecting data soon, just as soon as I get final approval from my hospital (where I work). The actual approval should be no problem, it just involves scheduling/assembling like every member of the senior management team and several physicians in one place at one time; which as it turns out, is also a very fun process. I usually don’t share tedious details of my life like this, but am asking for a few prayers for me in the final stages of this process; they would be much appreciated!

Back to the potpourri of pics from the past month or so!


Someone with a giant camera took these 2 photos

Sports photography isn’t my strong suit but I did get this one amazing shot (of another kid on the team; not the Spy):

Practicing our selfies in the stands #footballfans

Cheerleading fan may be more accurate for ‘Zilla!

She got a big haircut!

We got our first frost

And not too much longer until we will really have to stop calling Babyzilla “baby!”

Due February 2nd :)

Thanks for visiting and have a happy thanksgiving!!

9 thoughts on “Fall Potpourri

  1. narf7

    Congratulations Ms Spy! The Spy is looking more manly every day and Baby isn’t a baby any more. Love the artistic shots and thank you for still following my humble little blog :) We don’t do thanksgiving here but I hope you enjoyed your halloween (which we also don’t do) etc. It’s heating up here as you are cooling down there. Have a lovely Thanksgiving :)

  2. Eliza Waters

    I had to back up and read that twice… you’re expecting?!!! Wow, congratulations, how exciting! Bet the kids are thrilled. Babymaking on top of all the schoolwork, job and now the dissertation. Where do you find the time and energy?? You must have perfected the intake of Source Energy. ;)
    Best wishes to you all – Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Yes we are so excited! And it is going to be a boy :). I feel like I already have a little baby boy; but he is 12!!! haha Time flies so I am excited to get to enjoy a baby again (it has been awhile!!) I am not sure where I find the time/energy but I know these commitments do involve giving up being able to really delve into any hobbies (which I am looking forward to after Graduation in May 2018!!) Thanks for the comments and hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving as well! :)


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