6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: June 2017

  1. Eliza Waters

    Great views on the doings at Spy Farm. :) Love the coop and hutch.
    Is that a shot from at work (the computer and sculpture)?
    I had the same thought as Narf, ‘Baby’ isn’t a baby anymore, she is growing fast into girlhood.
    Enjoy the summer!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      The shot is from my school library; I love studying/writing papers next to that exasperated angel sculpture hahha Well “love” might be an exaggeration. But it is a good spot! :) Hope you are enjoying your summer as well!

      1. Eliza Waters

        Thanks, I’ve been crazy busy with my garden plus 2 clients. The rainy days have squeezed time even more. But we’re nearing homeostasis, I hope!

  2. narf7

    Nice lens flare on the first image. Baby isn’t a baby any more! Good to see the snakes have returned. Amaranth and garlic scapes in abundance. Forget goat herding, chook herding appears to be the order of the day…The chicken coop is brilliant! Those chickens are seriously taking the Micky with Dexie eyeing her off like that! They are just lucky that she has a good temperament (and isn’t Earl!)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks! Yes, the Spy walked right over a 6+ footer (snake)! So glad to know even the big ones are still around. But once the chickens start laying eggs we will need to better snake-proof the coop. I’m sure Dexie would like to eat the chickens but yes she has restrained herself thus far! Soooo many garlic scapes and I have been sharing them with people for arrangements/seeds and am so surprised you don’t see them in stores (if not for food when young than at least for flower arrangements!). Maybe next year I should sell them; ha! I certainly have enough!! Most people have never even had a good look at garlic scapes which is just so odd considering the popularity of garlic.

      1. narf7

        I just let mine grow on and flower. I love garlic flowers and so do the bumblebees :). Selling them at a farmers market might be a great idea. If you grow enough produce (and maybe hook up with other produce growing parents at baby’s school) you could all have a stall at a farmers market with the children and they could learn about sustainable commerce.

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