Eye Spy Summer!

Eye spy

The eyeball is by far the most popular sculpture at Laumeier

Eye see you!

The Spy was not too enthused to take a trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park, and he had never even been before!

And I quote:

“I’d rather see animals than sculptures made by hippies.”


But of course he enjoyed the visit, even choosing his favorite sculpture:

This one was my favorite of the day

This one is a preview of a deer exhibit coming in August (and see what I did there with the perspective?)

The gallery is very cool

Hair sculpture! (too much of a stretch?)

Spy Garden Sculpture! (I rebuilt the teepee)

Dill and garlic in the foreground; and lots of it

The tomatoes are looking very healthy (foreground)

Scapes already!

And it wouldn’t be memorial day weekend without water, right?!

Wooo summer!

Baby earned her swim band by swimming 25 METERS all by herself!!! Now she can go on the waterslides!!! yeah!

He is loving his new team and has had A LOT of games!!

This is where we hiked a few weeks ago, now it is so flooded!

Walking (and running) along the levee

Life moves fast and if you don’t take time to enjoy the flora and fauna you might Egret it!

7 thoughts on “Eye Spy Summer!

  1. Eliza Waters

    Looks like a great sculpture park, glad Spy changed his mind. What’s wrong with hippies anyway? ;) Peace, love and harmony is something we can really use more of these days. :)
    Love your backyard water feature! Who knew a trampoline could double as a water slip-n-slide? ;)
    Looks like pickling season will be here soon in your garden. Dilled garlic scapes, yum!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Laumerier is a great park and I was glad to go back for another visit (it’s been a few years).
      The Spy is ever the skeptic when it comes to art; but certainly not so on love and peace :)
      Dilled garlic scapes would be a great idea! Mmmm!
      Thanks for the comments and hope you are having a nice holiday weekend!


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