Mid-May in Spy Garden

Monarch Caterpillar

Monarchs are my favorite!

This makes me want to add more milkweed to the garden!

One more shot!

Toad- love the iridescent green eye lid!

This Christmas decoration has become a permanent fixture in our landscaping! It is so large to store in the basement and somehow it just fits in all seasons, right?!

Woo! The cotton is popping up!

Bolting kohlrabi

Garden view with Dexie

Love-in-a-mist (Nigella)

The end of the year festivities at Forest school included a project culmination; the kids planned and cooked a meal entirely outdoors for the parents. After the delicious meal we had:



Forest School teacher scooping up homemade ice cream (also made by the pre-K kids)

Inside, a movie played of all their practice-cooking rounds!

Their semester-long project was a great success. Construction also continues at Forest school and I wanted to share a shot of these cool signs they added to the construction fences:

Such a nice idea and adds a cool element to the construction-vibe!

In other construction news, we are nearly done with the chicken coop!

Hahah just kidding, that is part of the school addition


The Coop…


Coop d’eggtat

Greatest chicken coop name ever, right?! Quite apropos as the chickens (well, at least the building the coop part) has usurped our lives! Plus we love a good revolution, are are always generally dissatisfied by the status quo AND are all quite rebellious in nature. So the name is just perfect!

We are still working on the signage (this one is by the Spy)

There will also be an “Eggsit” sign on the inside of the door. HAHAHAHAHAhaha

More pictures to come of the coop details once it is totally finished (still need to build the run). The chickens are loving their new home and I am just thrilled to have them out of the house!

We have also taken more trips to the barn to visit our friend’s horses…

Check out my friend’s awesome Great Dane!

He is the coolest!

Giving Dexie a run for her money in the good looks department, right?!

Like a pro!


Love, love, love!!!

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a good start!

7 thoughts on “Mid-May in Spy Garden

  1. narf7

    Gorgeous caterpillar, gorgeous horses, gorgeous Dexie, gorgeous school and name for your coop (no ‘cluckingham palace’?) and you have seriously lost that little girl right there! I can see the horse lust in her eyes…

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Aww thanks! I like cluckingham palace but it’s just not that fancy. Plus to my knowledge there are no Coop d’eggtats! Or at least not easily found in a google search haha yes we both have horse lust!!

  2. Eliza Waters

    ‘Zilla looks quite happy atop that horse! Did she ride the Great Dane, too? ;D
    Good job on the coop, I’m sure the chickens are happy with the extra space. I’m sure they’ve grown quite large for being in the house!
    LOVE seeing the monarch caterpillars – woohoo!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      I know that Great Dane is definitely the size of a mini-pony! I was so happy to see the monarch caterpillar too. I hope there are lots more I didn’t see! We (and by we I mean Smoochie) built the coop out of a big pile of (FRee!) scrap wood that was all different sizes, so it was more of a challenge: but can’t say no to free lumber! Thank you for the comments!


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