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Late April in Spy Garden 2017

Leslie, Dexie

Well, we still have chickens in our living room. I mean, they’re in a large bin thing that we clean out daily, but still.

They still need to be under the heat lamps but they are growing so fast. This was the first time we brought them outside to play; so fun to watch them peck around.

Blackberry blossoms

Their new home is going to be right here:

On the left; where all that honeysuckle is now.

We are going to clear out a large area for their coop and a fenced pen. Construction begins this weekend!

Non-native (and very invasive) honeysuckle)

Curvy Garden

A volunteer pansy

Cardinal in our backyard (tons of them!)

Does anyone know what this is? I don’t but I tasted it and it is thick like spinach and lemony. I am hoping it is edible so I can add it to salads.

It grows in clumps like this and has a connected root system. (Ignore the kohlrabi intermixed with the mystery plant, I know what that is! ha!)

Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry blossom

Lambs Quarters; which I usually weed but recently found it was edible (related to amaranth and looks much like quinoa plants) so am letting it grow freely in the garden this year.

So much garlic!

Eating dill (tons of volunteer dill plants popping up)

She is also learning to cook outdoors:

(From the school newsletter)

Lilac I

Lilac II

Spring Concert

The last concert of elementary school!

Taking a…


We are glad he has decided to continue cello into middle school!

He has also been very busy with baseball.

Making a pit stop to look at these guys on the way home from a game

They reminded me of that book Where the Wild Things Are!

We also stopped and took in this very scenic view!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Easter 2017!

Happy Easter!

After church, the kids made out well in the egg hunt.

Which was good since I didn’t make Easter baskets this year. Instead opting for a big surprise…

We visited a farm…

Hey! Wrong holiday!

That’s more like it!!!

And we are now the proud owners of seven baby chicks!


Specky is a Speckled Sussex. She reminds me of a hawk but we couldn’t think of any hawk-ish names.


Cleo is Black Lace Silver Wyandotte. We also have Goldie, a Red Sexlink, two Salmon Faverolles (Leslie and Peep) and two Austrolorps (April and Buffy). I am loving all of these unique names of chicken breeds!! The Spy mandated a “Chicken Naming Lockdown” Hahahah and we weren’t allowed to do anything until we named them all; ha!

Here’s their setup while they are little and Smoochie will be building the coop ASAP!

We’ve moved the seedlings outside to harden off (they were where the chicks now are). And in other garden news…

We finally figured out what kind of trees these are:

Bradford Pear: the non-native trash tree of St. Louis. In fact, in a quick search I found a very entertaining and informative post (the writer’s annual “Bashing of the Bradford”!) that called them “evil”, “despicable” and asserted that it is “negligent” to plant them. I’m convinced and they will be going bye-bye. We would like to replace them with fruit trees (someone gave them to us and we thought they were fruit trees). Pretty white flowers yes, but…

If you want to save the world, cut down your Bradford pear trees.

Ha! Back to the chicks…

GAaaaahhh they are so cute!

The kids were just slightly excited about all of this!

In keeping with the chicken theme, we also decorated eggs this year (which for some reason we have rarely done).

And it’s Easter so of course we can’t forget our bunnies!


No bunnies were harmed in the making of this photo…

Or this one! Ha! She just likes to chase them. They don’t seem to mind too much.


Happy Easter to you all!! Thanks for visiting!

Springing, Swinging

Withering tulip

Old, new

Spy Garden 4.10.17: in an effort to not be a perfectionist I have not cropped out the neighbor’s trashcans or the powerlines (which I normally do: is that crazy?! hahaah)

And is it really perfectionism or just creating a harmonious composition?!


Lots of edible wild things; dandelions and their greens, henbit, violets, dock (made into a delicious salad)

Keeping the asparagus patch well-picked

Love how these tulips look even when withering away

Loads of garlic; in this shot you can see an older (probably 3 year old) garlic plant in the foreground and then one and two year old plants in the background

Young spring garlic (used the same as regular garlic, just not in clove form yet!)


It is very early for tomatoes to go in the ground so I left some inside under the grow lights but since it has been so warm and I had so many seedlings I went ahead and risked it; so we’ll see! Our average last frost date is April 21st but it has been a very mild winter.

New sights on the same old trails

Old kiln

May Apple I

May Apple II

Garden ready for planting


“Are those even real?”

Cardinal (female)

Chattering male Cardinal saying “GO CARDS!”

Opening week at Busch Stadium!

I hadn’t been to a game in a few years and it was so cool to see this; I once worked at Perficient! (a local IT company)

One of his friends got to throw out the first pitch!

Cardinal-red tulip

Ballpark village (seen from inside the stadium)

Another view of the Perficient Perch

More Cardinal red!

Lots of blue down there (Cubs fans)

We sat with his baseball team and who knew 11 year olds were so skilled in trash-talking! Ha!

Tigers opening week!

Tigers colors!

Playing third base

Happy Spring; hope your week is off to a good start!