Early February in Spy Garden


I wish I could take credit for this awesome shot! It was taken by one of her Forest School teachers. I can however take credit for the hat and scarf; which I crocheted.




Climbing is so fun!









The thyme is so pink and purple! Definitely the makings for a winter-thyme valentine’s pun! Ha!

Hope you all have a great week!

7 thoughts on “Early February in Spy Garden

  1. narf7

    The spy is growing up so quickly. Baby looks positively tiny standing next to him. Awesome photos as usual Ms Spy. Winter looks like it is still entrenched in your neck of the woods. It is starting to feel like it is cooling down here already and we are in the (usually) hottest month of summer here. We have had very mild conditions this year and I refuse to complain about my lack of tomatoes if it means I get to enjoy mild weather on a regular basis :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      The spy is officially stronger than me it is crazy. Thanks for the compliment it is hard to take good photos with all the gray, flat winter light. We have had a very mild winter: some days nearly 70 degrees! I too refuse to complain but I do love winter. I have done barely any gardening/garden prep (soooooooo mucccchhhhh school work so much) but I did clear out the asparagus patch so at least I will be able to see the spears when they start popping up! I want to plant this year but I know my time will be limited so I am just trying to think about some kind of minimal gardening plan + recruiting the kids and Smoochie for the hard labor haha. We shall see. The worse case scenario is I’ll have lots of flowers and herbs and random volunteer plants to enjoy. Which is not such a terrible worst-case scenario at all! Thank you so much for the comments :)

      1. narf7

        Start planting more perennials. Lots of things that will keep on keeping on and will grow each year. I have been trying to plant globe artichokes everywhere. I don’t know what they go like in your climate but they go mental here. Try a stand of Jerusalem artichokes. They go nuts but in summer give you a glorious big patch of stems of what looks like sunflowers and once you plant them, you will never go without flowers. The more perennials and edible fruiting species that you plant, the less work you have to do planting each year. Good idea about getting Smoochie and the kids involved. Dirt is delicious. At least for the worms… I wouldn’t worry too much about the asparagus as ours has been spread all over the place by the birds and I haven’t tended the area it was originally planted (before we moved here) in years but every year it grows asparagus. Nature only needs our help to be “neat” and after that she goes nuts!

      2. Spy Garden Post author

        Yes I do try and add more perennials each year. Our blackberries have taken over a large area so that’s good. Ok you’ve sold me on the Jerusalem artichokes I will try them. Globe artichokes don’t always survive our winters but they are great: we grew them once and I believe they lived for 3 years. My main issue is letting go of my “artistic/design” view of the garden and focusing more on food/practicality! Haha!

      3. narf7

        Globe artichokes are magnificently architectural. Jerusalem artichokes are more like the seething masses but when they flower they are very pretty. Even if you don’t eat them, they will fill up a corner of your area en mass and you will get a lovely tall sea of green and yellow when they are in season. They die right down when they are ready to harvest and you just chop them off at the base and use the biomass for compost or mulch. Excellent plants in my opinion. Blackberries grow insanely well here. We tackle them all of the time. Try growing a lot more berries and currants etc. Plant a berry garden out and watch the kids enjoy themselves in season :)

  2. Eliza Waters

    Loved that snowflake shot – classic! Looks like all of you’ve been athletically busy. :) I’ve never seen thyme so pink/purple and healthy still. I think it gets too cold around here and it just dies to the ground. At this point, it would be buried under snow anyway. Looks like we’re having a classic NE snowy winter, we’re in our third storm in a week!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks I know I love that snowflake shot too it’s great!! Yes, we have been trying to get to our gym more which has an awesome indoor pool, climbing walls and free kids classes (zilla likes the gymnastics best!). We have been having a pretty mild winter here; some days it’s been nearly 70 degrees! The kids of course wish we would get more snow! But wow 3 snowstorms in 1 week is a lot!! :) thanks for the comments they are always appreciated.


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