You’re a Doggone Good Friend Valentine

I shared some of our Valentine fun-o-2013 yesterday. Click here to see
last year’s Valentine and here for a very easy truffle recipe.

I don’t like to brag too much about the fact that the Spy makes his own Valentines because…essentially…a Valentine is a little rectangle of paper. With something on it. A picture, a bad pun. It’s not very complicated.

I am a big proponent of always having cardstock (cardstock = regular printer paper that is just thicker) on hand. Pretty much all the “crafts” we do involve using cardstock in some way. We do not really have a lot of art supplies in Spy Garden home. Glitter, specialty papers, fancy hole punches, bejeweled embellishments, pom-poms, “DIY” accessories sold by Martha Stewart, etc: I find none of that necessary to make something creative and interesting. You can do millions of things with just regular plain white printer paper, cardstock, cheap paints, pencils/crayons/markers. Add a few types of tape (love colored Duck tape and double-sided Scotch!), scissors and glue and the Spy Garden art pantry is complete.

So for the Valentines…

Last year the Spy drew a picture of a tank and then wrote “Tanks for being my friend.” I scanned it in to the computer and then printed copies on cardstock. Then cut them with a paper cutter (ok, one more useful Spy Garden art pantry tool!).

He and I were both tempted to just hit “print” again and use the same one as last year, but decided…though there are many kids that weren’t in his classroom last year, the few that were can’t get a re-run of a Valentine!


Aunt Spy’s dog, Magnolia,

Aunt Spy’s dog, Magnolia,

is at our disposal for photo shoots with Dexie, we decided to do a “You’re a “doggone” good friend” card using a picture of the two of them. A photo shoot was in order to get some photos to choose from to make the Valentine.

And so, here are our attempts at:

Depicting Dog Friendship

People let me tell you 'bout my

People let me tell you ’bout my

beeeest friend...

beeeest friend…

[She's] a warm-hearted person who'll love me till the end...

[She’s] a warm-hearted person who’ll love me till the end…

Cuz she's my best friend...

Cuz she’s my best friend…

And the Spy decided on…

DSC_6327 (500x314)HAHAHAHah so “You’re a doggone good friend” doesn’t really go with this photo and it looks like they are shouting in anger at each other.

“It’s ‘RUFF’ being your friend.” would be more fitting but not really appropriate. HAHAHahah. It has to be a pun because that is sort of a Spy Garden Valentine Requirement (Officially). If you have a better suggestion, we have a few more days to get these printed, so please leave it in the comments! I’ll share pictures of the final Valentine when they’re done!

8 thoughts on “You’re a Doggone Good Friend Valentine

  1. narf77

    “A 6.4? A 6.4!!! That’s IT I am NEVER competing in the Olympics again!” ;) Love your candid Valentines Day cards. MUCH better than commercial drivelish mush ;)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      We always make our own valentines and I am always surprised that the Spy is the ONLY one in his class who does!! Its is so easy to do and so much more fun than store-bought!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Of course the Spy likes the violent/wild image of the dogs and has his heart set on it hahahah. No hearts or mushy stuff for him. We were thinking maybe “Have a doggone wild Valentine’s Day!” ;)

  2. gardenengineer

    When I was a kid (well before computers and printers were common household items), we did everything with a pad of Academie colored construction paper. It was sturdier than lined writing paper (printer or copier paper was as unfamiliar as printers and copiers) but not as stiff as cardboard. It was easy to cut and fold and well-suited to pencil and glue. Best of all, it came in a wide assortment of colors so was suitable for any occasion.


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