A Brand New Garden!

Even though I’ve started a new job as a nurse,

with quite a lovely commute

with quite a lovely commute,

There’s still plenty of time for gardening.

In fact, there’s time for an entirely NEW garden!

Baby is attending a new school on an eleven acre campus.

11 acres for Babyzilla to explore!

11 acres for Babyzilla to explore! Plan by D2G landscape design.

The playground is au natural, the property is wooded, there will be meadows…The school is working with individuals from the Missouri Department of Conservation to establish proper native meadow habitats (think Shaw Nature Preserve on a smaller scale).

The best part, of course, is…a brand new garden! And I am the Garden CEO! Woooo!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

We walked the site last Sunday to scout it out to create a garden plan.

The Spy checking out the construction progress inside the building.

The Spy checking out the construction progress inside the building.

He attended this same preschool (at a smaller campus), and is excited for his sister to attend the new and improved school!

View of the building from the garden

View of the building from the garden

Can you spot the Spy in the picture above? He had a great time walking the site even if…

It was a little bit muddy.

It was a little bit muddy.

I am a big believer that in order to create inviting garden spaces (especially that are inviting to kids) you need to abandon the typical rectangular raised beds and create raised beds with lovely curves that mimic and enhance the landscape surrounding the garden. I am also opposed to using materials (wood/stone/etc.) as borders for raised beds because it really limits you when you want to expand/change the shapes/size of the beds. To see how I begin this process of raised beds without “typical” borders/rectangles see the post on How to Dig. To read more about why I believe in “thinking beyond the rectangle” check out this post from when I planted our garlic in a spiral: Garlic Planting.

After very thorough…








and looking some more...

and looking some more…

I came up with this plan:

Garden Plan (500x388)

Even though the plan is not exactly drawn to scale, the diameter of the teepee will be at least ten feet (it needs to accommodate lots of little preschoolers!) The area outside the teepee will serve as a gathering/meeting area for important garden talks!

What all will be planted in each of the plots?

Hold your horses! We’ve got to dig the thing first! Loads of seedlings can be started on/before March 1st and by the time they are ready to go in the ground mid-March (through mid-May) we’ll have their destinations mapped out!

Here are some more notable features/explanations of the plan:

  • All of the numbered plots are the raised beds. They will be raised beds without wood borders (so just an edged out border created by digging them as I mentioned). They will be numbered to enable more organized approach to garden duties (as the kids/parents/teachers will be working in the garden)
  • The teepee will have a roughly 10’ diameter, so though the drawing isn’t exactly to scale, that measurement on the plan can be used to gauge the rough sizes of the beds. Beds #5-9 would be roughly 3’ x 10’ rectangles. Plenty of room between them to make them wider in coming years/seasons (and/or longer).
  • Lots of open grass space at the entry way of the garden. More plots could be added there in later seasons/years.
  • Room for a kid-sized produce stand (basically a long, low table with a sun-shade above) (somewhere near the entrance in the large grassy area)
  • Gathering area outside the teepee will be a large grassy area and will feel enclosed because of the teepee and the plot surrounding it.
  • All the ground around the plots is grass (as is)
  • The sloped hill is too steep to be worked in by the kids (at least until summer when it is not so slippery/muddy) so it is a perfect place to just let pumpkins grow wild, which should do great sprawling down the hill.
  • Front arbor entry gate will have a sign posted/some type of waterproof plastic board feature to post garden news/to-dos/etc.
  • The path to the garden runs along the big rock retaining wall and swings wide around the muddy “sledding” hill. This was the least steep point of entry to the garden and will avoid cutting through the big sledding hill.

DSC_5949 (500x393)

If you have any suggestions or tips for a preschool garden, please post a comment, I’d love to hear feedback on this plan! I may be the CEO, but I’m no dictator! hahahah

DSC_5947 (500x287)

8 thoughts on “A Brand New Garden!

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  3. Jean

    I’m excited I get to watch this from the beginning! Also, I’m a crazy camera lady- I hope you’re planning on doing something with that muddy boots photo. It’s awesome!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      Thanks and also UGhhh I know! I have WAY too many great photos I’ve done nothing with (besides put them in blog posts). I do envision getting the best of the best printed onto canvas (from MyPublisher).

  4. narf77

    I LOVE it! You nailed that brief. No extra comments needed :). By the way… you might want to throw The Spy bodily into the washing machine along with his clothes as soon as you get home…a good hour long cycle might just return you a child from that image of a gollum you shared ;)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      It was on Sunday and the backseat of my car still looks pretty bad lol. At least the dirt is pretty much frozen, so I will (maybe) clean it up before it dethaws hahah.

  5. Eliza Waters

    How exciting! I can feel your enthusiasm jumping off the page. I love your plan, well thought out. Some ideas: In addition to the teepee, how about a sunflower circle? My kids always loved those. Pansies in the spring with those cute little faces? A stump jump (tree trunk pieces placed in ground set apart for hopping). A rope and plank bridge over a “river” of stones. A lot of kid-sized watering cans (there are never enough!) Can’t wait to watch the project unfold.
    So did you make the Spy walk home or did you let him in the car? ;-)


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