Spy Garden covered in snow!

Spy Garden 12.14.13

Spy Garden 12.14.13



Spy Garden backyard 12.14.13

Spy Garden backyard 12.14.13

This was copy and pasted directly from

Fresh off the recent pounding from Winter Storms Cleon and Dion, another round of nasty winter weather is poised to spread through the eastern third of the nation. The Weather Channel has named this system Winter Storm Electra.

Spy Garden is rated PG so I’ll let you make the jokes. Jeez, Cleon, Dion and Electra: What ever happened to “pure as the driven snow”???


7 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. narf77

    You won’t need your dear constant readers soon if you keep making your own comments on the blog ;). Since when did it become de rigeur to name weather patterns?! Seems a bit strange to give snow a name… LOVE the photos of The Spy Garden covered in snow. The best we get here is a long trek down to Hobart to join a slow ascent of cars up the mountain to see a bit of powdery snow and more ice and then back down the other side. The best bit is seeing people with snow on their car bonnets to take back to show their friends…sad really. Best thing I ever saw on one of our mountainous slow snow drives was some wit had made a tiny snowman and had left him (slowly receeding) standing at the bus stop :)

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      lol I took your advice and deleted my duplicate “quotes” (i.e. “comments”) because frankly, they were making me blush. HAHAHa I’m pretty sure that the weather channel is naming them just so they can crack up laughing as they write such descriptions. At least you have a mountain that is pretty cool.

      1. narf77

        We have to drive for 3 hours to get to it though…and Tasmania is a titchy little place so that is pretty much from the top to the bottom so we can’t technically class it as “our mountain” ;)

      1. Painting Pundit

        Thanks!!!! Just saw it! Congrats on school!! Check out the University of Florida’s Arts in Medicine program. The summer intensive is all about bringing art into medicine. Writers and gardeners are big in the program!! Would be glad to put you in touch with them. Just tweeted your post about RN school!!

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