76. Pare Down, A Style Story

In my last fashion post I wrote of my lack of skill in stylishly adjusting to a change in the season/weather. I end up wearing a tank top with snow boots or a winter jacket and sandals. I happened upon a picture of the Spy and I from several Halloweens ago that illustrates this mismatch quite nicely:

11.3.08 077 (450x338)

Note the black winter jacket and the strappy red flats.

Since’s fashion DON’T’s are a lot funnier than fashion DO’S, I figured I’d step back into my black jeans and black boots and take another gig as fashion photographer to illustrate an important lesson about accessorizing. Again, we were jet set. Shooting on location:

DSC_1650 (500x324)

Style Story: Pare Down

Baby donned just about every pink item she owns. It’s not that I dislike pink. Bubblegum pink roses are to die for. Pale ballet-pink paired with black is flawless. And there is a certain je ne sais quoi about a hot pink lip or shoe.

Style Story? To die for? Has Spy Garden been hijacked? Fear not. I’m writing direct from the world of haute couture, where words like “shoes” or “lips” must always be singular.

Pink Overcore

Pink Overcore

Sunglasses, bow, hat, coat. It’s TOO MUCH.

Take a page, Baby, from Coco and take off one accessory. Or all of them.

DSC_1571 (334x500)

Helena Bonham Carter is a great actress but she may not be the best style icon for you, Baby.

photo-taken-on-19-november-helena-bonham-carter-460619_450_708 (318x500)

Be it heavy layers, an overload of bright color or too many accessories you can make your face disappear.

And look at her face! GORGe!

And look at her face! GORGe!

Clearly, she doesn’t need accessories.

DSC_1642 (500x415) (2)

Clunky shoes are a DON’T too, Baby. There’s a reason Uggs starts with “U-G”. But they are cozy, and you’re two, so we’ll give you a pass on the boots (which for the record are just cheap fake Uggs). “A” for effort though on the lacy white socks, at least it makes the boots look ironic.

DSC_1647 (500x494)

I could say something extremely cheesey here about how accessorizing to the max and wearing attention grabbing clothes detracts from the true beauty of the individual, but I am not a cheesey sort of person. And I think the pictures tell that story better than I can. It is a “Style Story” after all!

14 thoughts on “76. Pare Down, A Style Story

  1. Jean

    A lacy sock with an uggy shoe always works on cutie patooties. My daughter has very similar fashion moments. A strappy sandle at Halloween? Ballsy. I think that’s what Michael Kors would say, anyway.

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  4. narf77

    I need to point out that the segue at the end of this post was a hasty attempt at a save…didn’t work in case you were wondering ;). Baby is gorgeous. She does resemble Helenna to a tee and I dare say she will have developed a most ecclectic “fashion” style all of her own by the time it actually matters…

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      A “save” from the cheesey message you mean? Do you think it would’ve been better if I just ended with “It is a Style Story, after all.” then got rid of the last little paragraph? I kind of think so but sometimes wonder if people will be like What is this site? I thought it was supposed to be about gardening?? hahah but then I guess I shouldn’t care.

      1. narf77

        There comes a time when you have to accept that our Dear Constant Readers are a fickle bunch. If you want to say something, you just have to accept that some of them are going to switch off. I have a few kettles in my fire at any given time. I have been known to rant about sustainability and other things that make me twitch and whenever I talk about being a vegan I know that at least my sister switches off ;). Your garden is most gloriously represented in that first beautiful image (that I shamelessly stole and am going to use on my desktop but “whatchagonnadoabouditeh?” ;) ). If someone stops reading your blog because you didn’t insert the word “Garden” in every sentence then you most probably don’t want that person as a regular. I have my little motley crew and its growing bigger by the day. I don’t compromise and am very up front with who and what I am. If readers don’t like it, they know how to stop reading ;)

      2. Spy Garden Post author

        Thanks for the good advice. I deleted that last bit. Much better effect/conclusion without it!
        Glad you liked the image and are putting it to good use!

      3. narf77

        Glad you aren’t suing me…although expecting much from a penniless student hippy is probably as hilarious as that first image of The Spy (still yukking about that one ;) )

      4. Spy Garden Post author

        I actually have a post in the works (aka in my brain) about how those “don’t use my photos without my permission” disclaimers are SO ridiculous. What do I care if people reproduce or use my images?? Put them on a billboard. Share the beauty. What do I care? This is why I could never turn art in to a career. No business sense. Whatsoever. Hahhah

      5. narf77

        Same here…”want to pinch my words or photos…KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT!” Flattery and pointing people back to your blog…SEO on steroids. Can’t get my head around people who are terrified of someone pinching their images unless they are selling stuff and someone flogs it as their own. I completely get it then. You take gorgeous images by the way. I flog every single one of them as I am secretly and most passionately in love with all things Autumn in your neck of the woods. Up till I moved here to Tasmania I hadn’t seen autumn leaves change colour. That’s what happens when you live in the Australian equivalent of Texas for your whole life ;) (Western Australia…the last frontier!)

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