Three (sort of) Blind Mice

DSC_8832 (500x335)I will take owls, hawks and snakes over mice any day! Ewww! But the Spy had fun playing with these babies he found.

DSC_8827 (500x386)

DSC_8845 (500x335)

AhchooO! Tiny mouse sneeze

I say thumbs down!

I say thumbs down!

No you cannot bring them inside!

No you cannot bring them inside!

The Snaggle Toothed Animal Whisperer

The Snaggle-Toothed Animal Whisperer

I Spy a Woodchuck climbing a tree!

I spy a woodchuck climbing a tree!

In garden news, I got a “Mortgage Lifter” tomato plant and two “Belgian Giant” tomato plants today from a friend, which brings the Spy Garden tomato variety count to 7!


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