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Russian Red/Ragged Jack Kale Chips

Russian Red/Ragged Jack Kale starting to bolt

Russian Red/Ragged Jack Kale starting to bolt

The kale is beginning to bolt. It hasn’t been very hot, so this is definitely a cool/cold-weather loving plant. I’m going to let it bolt and see if I can collect some seeds. I can never resist saving my own seeds. Seeds are one of my favorite things about gardening!

DSC_7318 (335x500)

I picked all the young tender green leaves (leaving the older, thicker/tougher purple leaves behind).

DSC_7324 (345x500)

Coat them lightly with olive oil and some seasoning salt. Spread out on a baking sheet and bake at 250 for about 45 minutes (until they are crispy). The Spy said, “Oh my gosh these are so good. Did you invent these?” haha

DSC_7332 (367x500)

Kale Chips

They look shiny in the picture but I added very little oil. Only about a tablespoon for the whole batch. I have made them before without any oil and they are good but the little bit of oil adds a ton of flavor.

You can eat them plain (like chips) but they are also great crumbled on top of rice or a salad. Think of them as vegetarian bacon bits!

A few other spring sights in Spy Garden:

Violet de Provence Artichokes and Yellow Strawberries

Row of Violet de Provence Artichokes and Yellow Strawberries

DSC_7299 (382x500)


Spy Garden April 25, 2013

Spy Garden April 25, 2013


Zip Line!









And a somewhat unrelated photo of a dandelion seed pod:

DSC_7243 (334x500)

Dandelions are banal. Weeds that are villainized in lawn care product commercials. But who can really hate a cheery yellow flower?! And the seed pods are so cool! Spy Garden doesn’t subscribe to the homogenous green lawn-deal and dandelions are not shunned here. They may be occasionally crushed in the path of the zip line but are never destroyed solely for the sake of their existence!