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Quite Literally, Slim Pickings

DSC_5926 (286x350)

Talk about slim pickings! These just barely qualify as flowers. Not too much color outside yet but there are some very tiny flowers popping up in the lawn.

DSC_5935 (350x234)

These look more exciting if you squint your eyes.

DSC_5934 (350x234)

Inside the seedlings are doing well in a south-facing window, enjoying the view of their future home!

The seedlings have a view of their future home!

Just below the south-facing window a plant light bulb (in a regular lamp) is helping some more seedlings along!

DSC_5967 (234x350)

Purple Cauliflower seedlings

The cauliflower seedlings will be moved into the garden in the next week or so.

DSC_5966 (298x350)

We didn’t cover all of the artichokes with milk jug greenhouses. Here’s what the uncovered ones look like (ugly, yet sort of interesting):

DSC_5957 (350x245)

Reminds me of a sea urchin

DSC_5945 (350x234)

DSC_5944 (350x268)

I spy two green shoots to the left of the black stalk

I Spy: Lone Elk Park and World Bird Sanctuary

DSC_5915 (500x310)

Two fun, free St. Louis area destinations: Lone Elk Park and World Bird Sanctuary

DSC_5921 (375x274)Lone Elk Park has a drive through loop where you can park and watch the Bison. We saw a Bison calf that is only a few months old (not pictured)!

DSC_5870 (375x310)

DSC_5876 (375x251)

DSC_5917 (500x334)

At the World Bird Sanctuary:

DSC_5901 (375x231)

The Spy’s favorites were the bald eagles.

DSC_5891 (266x375)

Many other birds are featured in the outdoor exhibits. There is also a small indoor nature center/gift shop with more birds, snakes, bugs, and a couple of fruit bats!

DSC_5895 (174x375)