Spy Garden Easter Baskets

DSC_6046 (500x384)

The Spy’s “Heirloom Carrot” Easter Basket!

Heirloom Tiger Striped Carrots: Orange, black and green construction paper

Heirloom Goldfish Ribbon Carrots: Goldfish in plastic sandwich bags tied with green ribbon

Heirloom White Belgian Carrots: Well, they’re not carrots yet…seeds From Baker Creek!

Tucked into the plastic eggs: chocolates and fruit snacks. Some new hotwheels cars, a comic book and a Cardinals Tervis Tumbler are also hiding among the carrots! Something baseball is a must in the Spy’s Easter basket!

DSC_6094 (337x500)

The Spy’s Little Sister’s Easter Bunny Basket

Another goldfish carrot, lots of stuffed bunnies and, of course, a packet of seeds: Strawberry Spinach!

Seeds are a must in a Spy Garden Easter Basket! Even if you don’t have a garden, a packet of seeds in fun to include. A good option for kids’ indoor seed growing: colorful varieties of lettuce. Most varieties of lettuce germinate quickly and you can eat them right away (mmm microgreens)!

3 thoughts on “Spy Garden Easter Baskets

  1. Suburban Farm Chick

    I’m including seeds in my girls baskets this year as well. I was drooling over the strawberry spinach in the Baker Creek catalog earlier this week. You’ll have to let us know how it does!

    1. Spy Garden Post author

      I’ve heard the berries aren’t exactly packed with flavor and are more like bland raspberries, but that the leaves are pretty tasty. I loved the fact that it dates back to the 1600’s, that was one reason I chose it!

      1. Suburban Farm Chick

        I noticed in the Baker Creek Catalog after my comment that the berries are “bland”. How amazing though that it dates back so far. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it does in your garden. I have several spinach sprouts going. I chose one that won’t bolt as fast. Utah summer’s can get hot quickly.

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