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Beautiful Easter Day

P1060429 (260x375)

I spy Easter eggs!

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I spy Easter eggs!

We celebrate Jesus coming back from the dead!
Wait, like a zombie?!

No! You must have The Walking Dead season finale on the brain!

…”Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen…Luke 24:5-6

Finally some buds!

Finally some buds!



Sunshine and a cool breeze!

Box Turtle

I Spy a Box Turtle

The Spy found a box turtle in the woods and brought him (or her?) to the garden to play awhile. Turtles in Missouri burrow down in leaves/dirt for the winter so he (or she?) was very dirty! You can’t really tell from the pictures but the shell had very bright yellow markings, so I think it is an Ornate Box Turtle but could also be a Three Toed Box Turtle. After observation, the turtle was safety returned to the woods (and hands were washed!)

I Spy a Box Turtle

I Spy a Box Turtle

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

For more information on Missouri’s 17 species of turtles visit:


Spy Garden Easter Baskets

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The Spy’s “Heirloom Carrot” Easter Basket!

Heirloom Tiger Striped Carrots: Orange, black and green construction paper

Heirloom Goldfish Ribbon Carrots: Goldfish in plastic sandwich bags tied with green ribbon

Heirloom White Belgian Carrots: Well, they’re not carrots yet…seeds From Baker Creek!

Tucked into the plastic eggs: chocolates and fruit snacks. Some new hotwheels cars, a comic book and a Cardinals Tervis Tumbler are also hiding among the carrots! Something baseball is a must in the Spy’s Easter basket!

DSC_6094 (337x500)

The Spy’s Little Sister’s Easter Bunny Basket

Another goldfish carrot, lots of stuffed bunnies and, of course, a packet of seeds: Strawberry Spinach!

Seeds are a must in a Spy Garden Easter Basket! Even if you don’t have a garden, a packet of seeds in fun to include. A good option for kids’ indoor seed growing: colorful varieties of lettuce. Most varieties of lettuce germinate quickly and you can eat them right away (mmm microgreens)!